About Vivint Systems

Simply Smarter

VivintSystems.com is one Vivint®’s newest premier online authorized retailers. We’re committed to connecting customers with Vivint’s extensive line of SmartHome products, simplifying the order process, and providing access to the best deals available. Our new customer associates are dedicated to your piece-of-mind, and we work hard to provide you with the SmartHome security and automation products to make your life easier and your home and family, safe and secure. We will ensure that your order is completed quickly so you’re able to experience the benefits of a Vivint SmartHome in as little time as possible.

Every Vivint customer is Unique. We take the time to listen to your individual needs, help you understand the products and make the right decisions. Your personalized and complete Smart Home package is only a phone call away.


Innovate to Live Intelligently

We are living through a time of great technological innovation. However, it’s unusual for a company to deliver what so many promise—forward thinking technology and useful, easy-to-use products. Vivint is a rare exception. Pursuing innovations “to live intelligently”. It’s the simple philosophy at the heart of every Vivint product and service, the effects of which can be found in every high-profile industry award, product review and overall customer satisfaction.
We pride ourselves in our ability to uphold the standards set by Vivint, through it’s commitment to its customers, industry leading technology and egalitarian pricing model.